1. HOW LONG AND HOW OFTEN ARE LESSONS? ANSWER: Lessons are once a week. I offer half hour and hour long lessons. Lessons are grouped and paid for in 4 10 week sessions. 10 week sessions are scheduled around the AISD school calendar.
  2. WHERE IS YOUR STUDIO LOCATED? ANSWER: I am located in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Northwest Austin off of Farwest and Mopac. Since I teach in my home, I don't give out this information until I have qualified potential students on the phone and we have made a definite appointment for observation.
  3. HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? ANSWER: Are you looking for a GOOD teacher or a CHEAP teacher? My pricing falls well within the range of someone with my experience and education. That can be more expensive than some and cheaper than some.I will share this with you once you've committed to coming to observe.
  4. WHAT TYPE OF GUITAR SHOULD I BUY AND WHERE SHOULD I BUY IT? ANSWER: If you are just starting out and haven't yet purchased an instrument I would advise that you wait to purchase an instrument till I have had a chance to size you and we have discussed which direction you want to go. If you already have a guitar, I'll be happy to look at it and see if it will be sufficient. Contrary to popular opinion, even a beginner should have a quality instrument that stays in tune, sounds good and is easy to play. 
  5. WHAT AGES DO YOU TEACH? ANSWER: I teach all ages. I have started children as young as 3 and as old as 65. The typical age range in my studio has been 5-18. I find that the biggest difference between younger and older students is the amount of non negotiable commitments they are exposed to. Younger students are ideal because ideally they will have more time to devote to the process unless they are over scheduled. Adults typically cave due to family and work pressures as well as unrealistic expectations.